Writing A Risk Assessment

  1. Ensure that the relevant personnel are available to assist with the risk assessment e.g. machine operators, technicians etc,-these people are most familiar with the actual hazards and risks.
  2. Document the findings in a simple risk assessment form (email dan@ehasoft.com for a working sample).
  3. Keep the risk assessment methodology simple. Using a 3 x 3 matrix for a likelihood and severity might be sufficient for simple operations, but a 5 x 5 matrix will provide more differentiation in terms of the different risks if there are many hazards present.
  4. Apply the hierarchy of risk controls to manage each hazard.
  5. Take pictures of the hazard to help with the training and communication processes.

*These tips are based on the authors own experience and no responsibility will be accepted for any errors and omissions etc. We welcome all feedback and suggestions. We hope you find the tips useful!



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