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Environmental Health and Safety Management Products mai™ suite

The mai™ (which means Measure, Analyse and Improve) management system is a software tool to help organisations implement and maintain their systems in compliance with ISO/OHSAS standards and regulatory requirements.

Use mai™ to manage processes such as risk assessments, auditing, action tracking (nonconformity, corrective action), incident/accident reporting, monitoring, occupational health etc. It will help your organisation ensure that that information is being entered in a consistent, comprehensive format; notifications are sent by email but most importantly you can run real-time reports on the status of your risk management program at any time and from anywhere.

Decide different access levels depending on different users requirements.

Save time and money by using the system, and gain peace of mind from knowing that a consistent approach to managing risk is being followed across the whole organisation.

Click here to see some of the inefficiencies and challenges that are associated with using Excel for managing issues (NC and CA etc) with any organisation.

Environmental Health and Safety Management Products

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