Effectively initiate and track Corrective Actions. Identifies all your Corrective Actions in one easy to use system


  1. Identifies all your Corrective Actions (CA) in one easy to use system
  2. Works across different platforms and mobile devices
  3. Clear visibility re status of all CA’s (in progress, complete, completed late and overdue)
  4. Identify root causes and preventive actions as required
  5. System can be configured to suit your compliance and ISO requirements.
  6. CA closure can be validated
  7. CA’s can be reassigned in a controlled manner as required
  8. Multiple languages
  9. Easily export data
  10. Automated reports send status of all CA’s to relevant personnel (senior management)
  11. Automated, regular alerts to remind action owners that a CA is due for completion or overdue


  1. Access anywhere on any device at any time, in different languages as required
  2. Keeps focus on critical tasks
  3. Identify recurring issues and eliminate them
  4. Helps prevent actions from being forgotten or ignored! Reduces risk.
  5. Centralises and standardises all CA’s from different modules (incidents, risk assessments, audits)
  6. Ensures workload is delegated to relevant person in your organisation (accountability and transparency)
  7. Allows QEHS group to verify CA completions
  8. Customisable reports, simple one click options to improve productivity
  9. Monitor effectiveness of your management system and helps you stay compliant
  10. Demonstrate continual improvement
  11. Automated reports send regular status of all NC’s to relevant personnel (senior management)

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