mai™ Risk Assessment
(Safety, Environment, Businenss)

Welcome to our Risk Assessment Module—a comprehensive risk management solution that standardizes and simplifies the way you undertake all risk assessments within your business. The mai™ Risk Assessment module will save you time and money while ensuring thorough risk analysis, prevention and mitigation. The mai™ Risk Assessment module can be configured for different types of risk assessment such as occupational health & safety, environmental and business.

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    Streamlined Risk Assessment Process (health and safety, environmental, business)

    Our module provides a systematic approach to risk assessment across your business. Configure hazards for health and safety, environmental and business risk. Easily identify workplace hazards using the mai™ system’s Hazard Identification Checklist. Assess potential hazards quickly and accurately based on criteria such as location and process. This streamlining of the risk assessment process ensures that risks are identified, evaluated, and treated promptly.

    Efficient Delegation and Real-Time Reporting

    Configure different risk assessment techniques (matrix methods, question and answer etc) and establish current and residual risk levels. Use the tool to help classify all potential emergency situations so that you can use to really develop your emergency preparedness and response plans. Delegate risk assessments effortlessly across your organization, speeding up the risk processing timeline. Easily manage all risk assessments sign off and reviews. Configure different risk assessment reviews depending on the overall risk level (e.g., high risk every 12 months). Real-time reports empower you to strategically mitigate risks with up-to-the-minute insights. Track risk levels over different periods of time to demonstrate that you are eliminating and reducing risk. The mai™ system enhances collaboration, making risk management a collective effort.

    Comprehensive Risk Control Management

    Managing risk controls is essential for effective risk mitigation. Our module allows you to configure different categories of risk control depending on the type of risk (health and safety, environmental, business) to suit your needs. The system will remember the different controls used for each hazard type so that creating new assessments will be much easier. seamlessly integrates risk control measures, ensuring that corrective and preventive actions are correctly and efficiently implemented to manage and mitigate workplace risks and hazards. These controls are efficiently managed within our centralised Corrective Action Tracking System so that every action is assigned to the relevant person with a unique timeframe. The status of all corrective actions (in progress, overdue, complete, completed late) is clearly visible and the reminder emails and alerts will ensure actions are closed on time.

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