mai™ Event Report and Investigation (Event)
The mai™ Event Report and Investigation module is essential for ensuring that all the critical information pertaining to incidents / accidents and near misses is recorded in a logical and comprehensive manner. We call this module the event module, since there are many different types of events and you can manage all of them as required. It ensures that there is one central repository for all the information, thus preventing data loss due to translocation of people within the organisation over time etc. The power of the system is not just the comprehensive data collection process, but the ability of to analyse data in detail through multiple reports and statistical calculations that will help to prevent a recurrence of the event. The module is highly configurable and mandatory notification groups can be set up for different types of accidents.

All of the information that is essential for IR1 reporting root cause analysis is configured automatically


Configurable and accurate Reporting

  1. Ability to manage all your incidents simply and effectively
  2. Clear, real time visibility of all your incident details
  3. Works across different platforms and mobile devices
  4. System can be configured to suit your compliance (OSHA) and ISO requirements.
  5. Dynamic dashboards, click through to see underlying data
  6. Multiple languages
  7. Links to your email system for sending notifications and alerts
  8. Developed by EHS professionals for professionals
  9. Easily export data e.g., to Excel
  10. The system will only ask user to input data if necessary-for example if the person was not injured the system does not expect user to enter injury details, first aid, lost time details etc.
  11. The system can be pre-configured so that all relevant personnel are notified when an event happens e.g., local personal as well as HR, EHS Corporate, CEO etc etc. This can be set up according to location and type of event.
  12. Security roles can determine what users can or cannot do-a user may be able to report an event but not see any detail in relation to the investigation or run reports etc.
  13. Information relevant to Insurance Claims can be passed over to a separate module (Insurance Module, with appropriate restrictions on access etc).
  14. All information relating to different Event details can be maintained in one centralised (safe) area, for easy reference at a future date as required.
  15. Easily manage all related corrective actions


Preventive action

  1. Access anywhere on any device at any time, in different languages as required
  2. Real time info, filtered as your require
  3. Customisable reports, simple one click options
  4. Notifications sent to
  5. Automated reports send regular status of all incidents to relevant personnel
  6. Proven approach that helps centralise incident reporting across the whole organisation
  7. Different languages, different countries-no problem! All on one integrated system.
  8. Restrict access as required using security roles
  9. Integrate seamlessly with our mai™ Insurance Claims module
  10. For most event reports a simple type investigation can be completed (root cause and corrective action etc). For more serious events a more detailed root cause analysis methodology can be used.
  11. Incident statistics can easily be generate (frequency and severity rate etc)
  12. The key hazards contributing to the event can be easily identified and reported on (30% due to slips and trip, 20% due to manual handling etc)
  13. Smart data entry saves time and reduces user frustration
  14. Corrective Actions can all be managed centrally-they can be filtered by their source i.e., Event / Audit / Risk Assessment etc

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