We can provide on site support and maintenance services to meet your immediate needs and future goals. Services can include preventive maintenance activities, operations support services, troubleshooting/startup/conversion/upgrade assistance, project management, performance analysis, application development and more.

Intelligent Motor Control

New generation tailored solutions for improved control with enhanced motor protection, motors are a key component in almost every industrial automation application or environment.

Optimizing their performance and reliability can play a major role in reducing costs and improving overall plant efficiency, we have brought together leading-edge motor control and protection devices, with advanced networking and visualisation technologies, to provide a new generation of Intelligent Motor Control.

Control Panels

We design customised panels, supplying electrical and pneumatic control systems in all areas.

  • Control Panel Design => MCC Panels
  • Distribution Panels => Pneumatic Panels
  • On-Site Panel Modifications => PLC Panels
  • Control Panel Manufacturing Facility => Junction Boxes

The LOGSTRUP Panel System is a modular system delivered in Kit Form, enabling the Panel Builders to build any configuration of Main & Sub Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centres & Control Panels in Fixed and/or Withdrawable design. It is also possible to build Panels with internal form of separations according to IEC 439 Form 1-4. The LOGSTRUP System is produced according to a very strict quality control system (ISO 9001) and is being continually developed.

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