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In today’s global economy, organizations have unprecedented ability to tap experienced talent across the globe to help with mission-critical tasks. As global regulations change, your organization must have the skills and know-how to achieve sustained competitive advantage. EHA Soft professional services team can help. We offer practical experience and knowledge to help accelerate you reduce risk and ensure product and employee safety.

Our service commitment to you is to deliver quality services leveraging the best talent. Our practitioners come from the ranks of leading global organizations. With our solid investment in advanced technology and an unwavering focus on service, we provide you with the opportunity to focus on your core business while gaining valuable insight and knowledge from our experienced professionals. Our methodology ensures knowledge transfer throughout each engagement.

Best In Class Environmental Health & Safety Management Software Suite

Managing quality, risk and safety is of paramount importance to most organizations working in the Food, Energy or Environmental Health and Safety Industry Sectors. Failure to do so may result in serious accidents, compromise to employee safety and your brand. The choice of EH&S practitioners around the world is the mai™ suite of Environmental Health & Safety Management Software

Corrective Actions
Incident Report & Investigation
Contractor Control
Safety Risk & Assessment
Audit Management
Objective, Targets & Plans
Environmental Risks
Waste Management

Measure, Analyse and Improve Your EH&S Processes

Quality-Environmental-Health & Safety- Food Safety- Energy

Management System Software

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    E: vendas@ehasoft.com

    Our Partners

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    CompuCal Solutions provide Calibration Management Software, a Cloud Based Paperless Solution, the perfect tool to improve the efficiency and increase the compliance of both small and large organisations

    SHEQ Portal Limited

    SHEQ Portal Limited providers of Contractor Management Solutions,
    a range of tools to help you manage your contractors, in a simple and effective manner.

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